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To reduce a major pain point in the solar equipment procurement process for suppliers and buyers and to help push the transition to clean, renewable energy forward. We’re well into the 21st century with powerful digital tools at our fingertips, yet the solar equipment procurement process remains antiquated. Most solar contractors and developers still have to visit multiple suppliers’ websites and/or call them—one by one. They have to spend valuable time submitting multiple RFQ forms and have to request quotes via email to find the equipment they need.. Some may turn to sites like Alibaba, which aren’t tailored to the solar industry’s needs. GEC Market is tailor-made for the solar industry to connect distributors and manufacturers with buyers. It simplifies the process of submitting and responding to RFQs, allows buyers to see multiple prices from different potential suppliers, and allows suppliers to submit multiple bids. Easing the procurement process for both sides.

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